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User-friendly, and highly automated, means that planners can focus on business tasks and not the techncial requirements of these planning systems.


Whether you want to run a report, have one emailed to you, see all your data in one screen, or drill into the details, SCP provides these capabilities and more..


Go straight to the source! Pull data directly from ERP, WMS, Excel, ASCII, FTP, XML, EDI, etc. sources, clean and polish it... and manage the entire process in SCP.


Our client base spans the globe and our in-house support is second to none. Happy clients is why we are still around.
We've been in business since 2001!

A Complete Demand Planning & Vendor Managed Inventory Solution

What Our Customers Say!

SCP enabled us to drive down stock holdings from $12.9 mil to $8 mil within 15 months while minimizing stock outs.

Global freight forwarding Herman Muller

JMS software improved customer service from 79% to 85% and inventory turns from 9 to 19 turns. Vendor Managed Inventory initiatives utilizing SCP resulted in increased sales

Fortune 500 V.P. Customer Service, Logistics, and eBusiness Jim Seafort

I look at the tool and wonder why this wasn't around when we did planning. It truly is a great application.

Fortune 500 Global Supply Chain Operations John Koumourou

SCP allows us to quickly achieve our VMI goals and implement SCM with key clients with very different requirements.

Fortune 500 supplier to the world's leading consumer product companies Ernie Kale